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Amazing Almond-Cherry Smoothie :)

Cashew Vanilla
This makes a yummy snack - enjoy :)
  • First make an almond milk by blending the skinned almonds with the water and then straining through the muslin cloth or a nut milk bag, into a bowl.
  • Rinse out the blender and place the almond milk back into it, along with the cherries.
  • Blend until smooth, and savour the flavour :)
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Are You Looking For Fun, Friendly Food?

Hello and welcome to the Happy Gelateria :)

Gelato (which is similar to ice cream) originated in Italy, and just like the Italians we too have a deep love and respect for fresh natural food, children and family. For us family is a place to belong, to be valued and nourished, to learn to care for ourselves, each other and our Planet; and to have FUN!

Do you love natural living, healthy foods, caring and having fun?

If so, then this is the site for you :)

We invite you to enjoy spending some time with us. Be nourished and inspired; and have fun with our free weekly recipes, quotes and ideas and kid's activities. If you want more, just check out our own Recipe eBooks and Party Packages; and you can join us for free in the 'Gelateria Lounge' to relax, meet friends and share the fun :)

We feel happy and grateful to be able to share with you our love for life, nature, real food and family.

We hope that thehappygelateria is a happy place for you to visit when you are hungry, and chill out in when you are looking for good company :) 


With Love
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We love desserts and especially wish to share our favourite sweet recipes with you. These fall into three categories:

Sweetness is a very nourishing flavour that can show up in our lives via our foods, and also in how we choose to relate kindly to ourselves, each other and our Planet.

The focus for our recipes is that they are delicious and nutritious, fun and simple to make (for children of all ages!), kind to the Planet, and easy to share with as many people as possible. This has led us to discover and create a wide range of sugar-free, dairy-free, and largely gluten-free and nut-free treats that require no cooking. Our foods are natural and can be enjoyed equally by those of us with food allergies, and those of us without. They are great for every day, and for parties too!

Some of the recipes, techniques and ideas may be new to you and we invite you to have fun and discover for yourself how easy it is to treat ourselves kindly :)


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Welcome to The Happy Gelateria children's area. This area is created especially for children with lots of encouragement and fun, including:

  • exercise and recipe ideas,
  • encouraging words,
  • games to play,
  • pictures to colour
  • and much more...

We love our life and feel very grateful for everything we are blessed with such as each other, good health, a warm home and fresh foods.

It is important to us to gladly give a little more than we take in this world. Our wish is to support 1 local charity (close to us here in Devon, UK), and 1 global charity.

Giving Back

We love children and nature and have chosen to support 2 charities to reflect this. They are:

  • Devon Wildlife Trust (DWT)
  • Himalayan Learning (HL)


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